Spider Wisdom

Do you cling to your web?

An orb spider  offered me some food for thought.  As I was standing observing her web bouncing back and forth in the wind.  I asked “Aren’t you nervous your web is going to blow down?”  She responded “I don’t cling to my web.  I trust my web. If I clung to my web and tried to control the web it would surely break and I would get hurt.”  She then sent me an image of the her being catapulted through the air after desperately trying to hold it all together.  The fluidity and the sense of calm that radiated from her as she rode the web like a surf board as it was bouncing, jiggled and wobbled was inspiring.  So I ask you:

Do you cling to your web and hunker down during windy turbulent times?

Or do you enjoy the ride and trust your web?

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