Feeding and protecting my dreams taught by a barred owl and crows

My daily morning walks, with my fine companion black lab Prince, are spent in prayer and being present to the gifts of the natural world. Last night was the Capricorn Full moon, which invites us to step out of victim hood and align with the truth that we are a powerful being.   As I was walking in the woods I was pondering on this invitation and then looking ahead to what it would be like starting today with me owning my power.

Through a combination of praying and storytelling I was weaving a vision of dreams being fulfilled of working with kids, animals and the natural world in learning how to accept our own individual powerful gifts and magic to serve the world. This prayer dream included that all the arenas in my life that I am responsible being fully resourced and supported: as spiritual being, wife, mom, friend, ceremonialist, animal communicator, daughter, sister, business owner, community member, human being. I dreamed everything flowed with ease and grace and aligned with my dream and there was space – meaning literally space – time, physical space, resources for my dream of working with kids in collaboration with animals.

At that moment, one crow gave out that emergency CAW that signals intruder. As I looked up an owl clutching a dead rat in one talon swooped out of the tree to alight on another branch close by. The crow continued his cry for help and was dive-bombing the owl. I have observed this behavior of crows ambushing an owl often and usually the owl hunkers down close to the trunk and waits out the crows. But not this morning this owl went after the crow. Hopping with one talon as the other talon clutched breakfast defending and fighting back. As more crows arrived to join in the fight the owl did not back down. He finally flew off with crows chasing him to a tree with denser branches to dine. The crows did not let up but the owl ate and defended at the same time.

The message that I loudly received while standing there from the owl was nourish my dreams.   No matter the amount of distractions, naysayers, and things that are literally calling out for my attention that the most important thing is to keep focused on what feeds me. For my dreams to manifest I must protect my dreams and keep feeding them. Also, the crow’s message for me was to keep my eyes out for intruders that are taking my resources that feed my dream. And to call out for help loud and clear when I need help staying on track and focused on my dream. I stood there awhile and let the messages sink into my body. As I began to walk on I looked down and there at my feet were both an owl and a crow feather a talisman gift to remind me of this important lesson from these amazing teachers.

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