Message from the animals for 2016

Become human beings not human doings  

I went for a walk at the beginning of the new year and pondered the question, “What can we expect in the coming year and how can the animal’s guide us?” As I asked this question I felt the wise council of spirit animals that are my frequent helpers join me.

According to the animals the theme for us humans in 2016 is being physically present in the moment.

They acknowledge the brain as a fabulous tool and encourage us to take breaks from being thought driven and let the brain rest for long periods. During these breaks they invite us to tune into the body’s innate wisdom by exploring the different ways the body listens, gathers information and sends signals. It is through this exploration that we will gain an awareness of the complexity of the human body.  According to the animals, listening to and honoring the information received from the body strengthens and helps to build the intuitive muscle and opens us up to being more present in the moment.

The animals then reflected on the inner turmoil of humans that comes from denying our wildness, which is the very essence of who we are as individuals. They encourage us to embrace our unique gifts, whatever they may be, with loving self-acceptance. The wise animals want us to understand that once there is peace within, the outside world will come more easily into balance and alignment.

It is the hope of the animals that we can become aware of the support and teachings they have to offer and that we be open to their help. A simple way to begin is by observing our companion animals for lessons in how to be present and more balanced in life.

They also want us to consider that when animals present themselves to us in dreams or in the physical world in unexpected ways it is a message to look more deeply into what that animal represents.  The internet is a great resource for information about animal totems.  Once you have some information you can start asking that animal totem for help and guidance in your life, letting it lead you to a new way of being.

RecenGoose in a tree.jpgtly, some friends and I observed a Canada goose standing  atop a tall tree stump overlooking a pond.  Normally that perch is occupied by a blue heron.  We marveled at the oddity of seeing the goose on a stump so high up as if he was overseeing his domain. I whipped out my phone and did a quick Google search on “Goose as Totem”. The wise web revealed to me that Goose medicine is about “Communicating your need to others – no one can help if you don’t speak out.” This spoke volumes to me and reminded me throughout the day to communicate more clearly.  Thank you Goose.

The animals ended the conversation with a simple catch phrase for 2016   

Become human beings not human doings.  

Websites I often refer to when searching for messages from totem animals.

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