How open are you to receive?

Also titled:  Trusting your body in receiving something completely random in response to a call for help

You know how sometimes you are trying to do something different and the same pattern keeps showing up, time and time again and you are done, done, done with it.  There comes that breaking point of frustration, resentment, resignation and you just need


Here is the help that shows up for Metro Buses when they put the call out.  I know my help is just as well equipped.

some help to flip this pattern because  if you knew how to do it any differently you already would be.  I see these breaking points as energetic 911 calls out to the Universe, out to all your spiritual resources that are here to support you.  I imagine it to sound like “All hands on deck.  Red alert she is reached the point of no return and is in need of some help. She has realized this pattern no longer serves her and is at a loss.  This is her Hail Mary moment – all players in position.” Then something or someone appears to shift it.


This happened for me the other day and I am so grateful.   I have been in the longest  wrestling match with my sugar cravings and I was losing big time.  I had gained awareness how every time I entered the arena with sugar – I could dominate the match when I was on the sugar high but when the low hit I was down for the count and then spent hours trying to gain the  strength to leave the ring.  Often making the mistake of thinking sugar was going to help me crawl out.

I have been calling for help, praying for help and taking action – drinking more water, eating small snacks periodically, meditating, setting intentions, saying affirmations to the point I was exhausted.  Then trying to think,  think or what is the next thing I need to do to get on top of this craving.  But day after day when the stress level rose, or the anxiety started to spike I would naturally enter the ring with my wrestling opponent so I would have something to blame for how crappy I felt.

Then the other day I walked into Tully’s to grab a decaf coffee before a last mediation meeting concerning my divorce.  I experienced tunnel vision and on the menu board almost pulsating with neon was Matcha Latte and then I heard myself ordering a Matcha with coconut milk.  Interesting I thought my body obviously really wants this drink.  While the barista was preparing the drink I asked her “What is Matcha exactly?”  She looked at me perplexed and explained.

The words did not really matter my body was responding to the answer to the call for help with sugar  and knew it was just a cup away.  Matcha shifted my day – during this meeting there are bowls of candy on the table that often at previous meetings I consumed my fair share and would go down.  Not this Matcha meeting I was alert, present and my energy did not spike.  Sugar was inviting me to a match – taunting me and I did not even step into the ring.  As the day continued my energy stayed consistent and I did not turn to sugar for solace or comfort.  I stayed present with my tears and grief and as it passed I could return to the task at hand.

Upon reflection I understand how this all ties back to the telepathic communication with animals .  Through the numerous conversations I have had with animals I have been strengthening my telepathic muscle coupled with my knowing that our bodies are telepathic receiving and transmitting stations .  My body  has been listening for any transmission responding to the call for help to the need to end the match with sugar and walking into Tully’s it knew it had found an answer that matched the frequency of the request from my body.  The Matcha was the energetic answer.   So a big big thank you for my body for listening and ordering what you needed. (Each of us have this telepathic muscle and it is strengthen through practicing and acknowledgement.)

Also, I am so full of gratitude for the beings that tend to me and listen to me needs and for the divine guidance that brought me into Tully’s.   I appreciate the players who  got on the field as I did my Hail Mary pass asking for help with sugar and img_2142orchestrated the coffee running out at home,   the parking space being available right when I drove up allowing me enough time  to grab a coffee and ordering something so random for me.  I like to call it magic.

Since that magically day  I have hung up my wrestling suit and no longer wrestle with sugar.  My days are spent focused and my energy is steady.  I choose now if I want to treat myself with a piece of chocolate. And if I do it is just a piece and not handfuls of chocolate chips.    I am now having  a cup of Matcha instead of a sugar filled wrestling “matcha”;)

Are you open to receiving what shows up when you call for help?  Do you trust your body in its knowness?


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