Intention Setting for the New Moon: April 26th, 2017


Today is the new moon and, with it, comes a sense of renewal. As with most new moons, these are good times to start the next month off on solid ground. This new moon brings an even bigger sense of renewal as this past April has several planets go retrograde. Clear the chaos, find clarity and focus and usher in fresh breath today – for you and your animals.

Do your beloved animal companions a favor today and spend some time today setting your family’s intention and do some energetic house cleaning around the new intentions. 

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When I am speaking about the family I am including all humans and animals that cohabit together.  The animals we share our lives with play an important part within the family unit, they are the family system analysts and therapists.   They are masters at reading and feeling energy, understanding energy flows, where attention and intention go. Setting a family intention is a guiding light for the family – something to re-direct focus back to if things start to get out of alignment.  And the energetic housecleaning means to literally go through the house and state the new intention while smudging – clearing out old energy and tuning the house to the new intention.  Our animal companions spend a majority of time in the house   Imagine what it feels like for them sitting in old energy that is just filling up the floor space.  Clearing the energy is a gift for them.

As I have journeyed through a separation and a divorce, the family unit plunged into chaos and everyone was out of sorts.  Our dog was completely confused, grieving the pack as the kids went back and forth between houses.  I shared very similar feelings and to find solid ground I began setting daily intentions for my family- (at times the family only consisted of my dog and myself then it would expand to include the kids when they spent the week with us).  At the beginning just trying to finding ground was difficult so the intention I chose was “Balance”.  As  I focused setting my intention on “Balance”, certain opportunities arose that invited me to make choices to either fall back into the chaos or move forward toward “Balance”.  As I made choices that promoted the balance within myself, in my life, and the house, my dog started to settle – he was not as anxious and confused. Finding balance for him meant walking with other dogs which I resisting, at first, as my walks are a sacred alone time where I am able to work out a lot of emotion.  Yet, honoring the intention of balance and his strong need for being with other dogs actually helped bring more balance to my life because I realized it met my need for social interaction as well.     

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Take a moment to enjoy setting the intention for the family and smudging your space knowing that your animals are grateful for the clarity both in body and home.  

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