Animals As Teachers: Smudging 101

Through my 10 years as an animal communicator, I have gained an understanding that our beloved animal companions are the family system therapists.  Animals are masters at reading energy and they have a deep understanding of what is going on energetically within the family dynamic much like a herd of horses or a pack of wolves.  They spend their lives in our worlds observing and responding to the energy, often taking on jobs within the family to keep the energy flowing: absorbing emotions of their people or acting out to get stuck energy moving, for example.  From teachings from the Native Americans, I learned and believe that animals walk in balance on this earth.  This belief is strengthened as these wise family system therapists share ways they see that balance can be brought back to the family or to their beloved person and the living environment.   

During a conversation, animals have often requested smudging the house (including the yard).  This is often requested if there have been a lot of changes in the family, such as a new job, death, divorce, emotional times, remodel or moving into a new space.  The animals say they feel like they are literally swimming through discarded energy that is not serving any purpose.  Since they don’t have the luxury of leaving every day they are sitting in this energetic build-up, or energetic sticky soup, all day and are eager to get out upon your return.

Photo credit: jasleen_kaur via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

What Is Smudging?

Smudging is clearing the energy in the house to bring back the energy into balance.  There are many techniques for smudging. The traditional technique is burning sage within an abalone shell and allowing the smoke to clear the space. But don’t let this stop you from smudging. There are many ways to get a house, a space yourself smudged without sage.

For example, one client summed it so nicely for her beloved animal companions “The energy in the house is like a toxic soup and we want the house to feel like a beautiful, clear, nourishing,  light broth.” The animals wholeheartedly agreed.  We did not have sage.  So I guided her to set her intention on clearing the energy and bringing in light.  And we started in the corners of the basement and with waving our arms and repeating “Out with the Toxic Soup, in with the Nourishing Light.” We directed the energy from all the rooms out the windows and the door.  As we came back in the dogs were settled and you could see the lightness in their eyes and the way they moved with ease.

Other ways to smudge and clear spaces according to the Spirit beings I work with and the animals:

  • Set an intention as it is the most important part. Keep in mind, energy flows towards attention and intention.  
  • Go from room to room – hold your intention and clearly state it in each room.
  • Then using bells, clapping your hands, singing, or using sage, clear the energy from the corners out of all of the room and direct it outside through a window or a door.
  • At the end, make sure to smudge yourself off clearing any of the energy you may have accidentally picked up.

This next technique in smudging requires in believing in angels and asking them for help.  In many of my conversations with animals and clients, on behalf of the animals, I call on the angels who know about clearing spaces of stuck energy and ask them to clear the space. Animals often request that these angels attend to smudging daily. From my understanding of working with angels, we are each born with two guardian angels who are with us throughout our lives.  And there are a host of other angels willing to help, but as humans, we have free will and the angels can only help if you request their help. According to Doreen Virtue – Angel Intuitive Therapist, “Your pets are surrounded by angels who bestow miracles upon you and them.  In many ways, the animals act as angels for you and your loved ones.”

I invite you to start thinking about how the energy in your house feel and do a smudge to lighten clear the energy and bring in nourishing lightness.  Or ask an angel to do it for you.  Either way, your animals will thank you!


Feel free to read more about smudging and why sage is a great way to smudge your space with these resources below:



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