Listening between the spaces

On my mid-afternoon walk today, the breeze was tickling the leaves and the rippling laughter of the leaves brought back the memory of the big cottonwood right outside my childhood 2nd story bedroom window.  The murmur of leaves is a comforting sound for me and Bing Crosby’s “Land, Lots of Land” song starts in my head with my favorite lyrics being:

Let me be by myself in the evenin’ breeze
And listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees
Send me off forever but I ask you, please
Don’t fence me in…

I agree with Bing, don’t ever fence me in.  My daily walks in nature feed me and strengthen my skill of being fully present – allowing me to be able to hear my intuition and speak with the animals.  One way I play with being present is by listening in between the spaces.  Since I usually walk in the morning, I felt like a guest at an afternoon party eavesdropping on all the juicy gossip. The woods were alive with the cawing of crows, the chipping of chickadees, the clear chirp of robins, and the clicking of juncos, layered in with the songs of trees and adding depth to a chorus of rustling leaves and the deep bass tones of creaking trees.  The dappled light filtered through the trees transforming the well-worn dirt trail into a dance floor of mosaic flickering circles.

As I stood drinking in all the beauty around me a hummingbird flew into a sunbeam, like a solo dancer the light glinting off the ruby throat necklace, and then he was gone.  The interconnected web of life was all around me and I felt alive, present,  attentive, and full of wonder.  From this place, I could easily hear my intuition and my heart.

As I stood savoring this feeling   I was silently thanking my body and letting it know I wanted more moments of being present like this.  Being in communication with your body and letting it know how you want to feel gives your body important information and it strengthens your intuition – you are letting your body know that you are receiving information on certain channels.  It’s like finally giving an employee a job description so they now can become more efficient and co-empowering.

Witnessing today’s beauty in the park gave me a deeper understanding of the interconnected web that is outside and inside of me.


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