Animals as Teachers: Chipmunk and Armadillo

I am just stepping into a role of teacher and I am experiencing a mixture of excitement and nervousness.  One of my offerings is a bi-monthly practice group for students to strengthen their intuitive muscles.  Since I am a one-woman show working with a host of spiritual beings, I create energetic containers for each of my projects knowing that there are plenty of resources available for me and my projects and all I have to do is ask for their help.  Part of the energetic container is calling forth the spiritual council who are willing to hold and collaborate on each project.  

For my practice group council, I curiously asked: “What animal guides are part of the council?” I leaned back, being open and receptive to welcome the guide.  I had a felt sense of small energetic animal running to and fro exclaiming “Oh this is fun! Very fun!” and, at the same time, I heard very loudly in my mind, “Chipmunk.”  I tried to feel what chipmunk as a guide brought to the council.  I could sense joyful adventure and exploration.  I then looked up chipmunk as a totem and it was confirmed what I was sensing in addition, chipmunk teaches animal magic of intuition and wishes to get granted.  It feels good to have the guidance of such a wise being who is willing to join in the adventure of exploring animal communication as well as reminding me to ask for help for wishes to get granted.

It felt as if there was another animal totem so I  asked if there was one and I heard chipmunk encourage me to pick an animal totem card.  Before I chose the card I held my intention for my practice group and then selected a card which was Armadillo.  I instantly thought that he wears his protection on his back.  Turns out from the description of Armadillo they are teachers of boundaries.  The armadillo medicine is part of its body since it wears its armor on its back and its boundaries of safety are a part of its total being.  Armadillo encourages defining my space by discerning what I am willing to experience by drawing a circle/shield and writing down within the circle what I want to experience.   I am grateful for Armadillo’s presence on the council for I am learning how to navigate holding space while teaching with appropriate boundaries so I am not drained at the end of a day.   This led me into a brainstorming session of how I want my Practice Sessions to feel, defining what I am willing to do at each practice group and areas I will need support.  

Totem animals and guides are powerful teachers.  You can strengthen your connection to them by learning all you can about their gifts as well as their habits as beings in physical forms.   The joyful, exuberant curiosity paired with ground presence and clear boundaries this dynamic duo bring to my teaching adventures are very comforting.   I look forward eagerly to the next Animal Communication Practice Group.   

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