Animals As Teachers: Flying to the Full Moon and Back with Arctic Terns

Finally some relief from the stars, planets and solar system.  Today’s full moon according to The Power Path invites us to:

Pay attention to what is unfolding with ease, support and inspiration. If it is not unfolding easily, put it aside for now. Your reality check at this time needs to include what inspires you. If you are not inspired in your life you are probably playing out someone else’s reality.

This is a good moon to focus on your own blossoming. You should feel ready to unfold and be in full bloom. Every flower is different, unique and has its own beauty. Be around something or someone you love so that you can anchor the feeling of being in full bloom into your personal reality and make it so.

Today marks a closing of a chapter in my personal life with my divorce being final. There is now an opening of a new chapter, creating a whole new personal reality.  To honor this momentous occasion in my life I performed a ceremony for myself, honoring my inner feminine and my inner masculine, and inviting them into a union of balance and harmony.   After the ceremony, I walked on the beach – a beach that I have walked for years and where I get all sorts of gifts and signs left by my guides and often meet new teachers in animal form.  As I walked I was in a quiet reflective space drinking in the beauty around me with the tide washing in and out – reminding me of the cycles of life. The spring rain was gently washing away old ways of being and the wind cleared out old thought forms making way for new possibilities.

My quiet reflection was interrupted my screeching from above with two birds swooping down at me.  I watched two arctic terns make big circles flying out over the water as they would look down searching for fish.    I asked silently, “Hello, new teachers and allies, what am I to learn from you on this day of new possibility and a new reality?”  What I observed about these two is that they were a pair and they would be in constant contact calling to one another as they would widen their searching.  When they fly they look down and they look straight ahead, which made me giggle as I thought “What are they going to run into, a flying bus?”  When I thought that I heard clearly, “It’s all about navigation … minding the details and looking for nourishment while knowing where you are going.”  I felt as if a wise elder at a wedding reception offered me the wisdom of life as they passed me on the dance floor.

Photo credit: LindsayRs via / CC BY-SA

I continued my walking, observing these two as they’d dive for fish and fly back up circling, even at times they’d dive between seagulls resting on the water.  Really getting the message of, “When you find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to go for it even if others may not be as aware of it.”   Beautiful teachings for me in creating my new reality.

Upon further researching about arctic terns, more wise teachings became apparent to me.  Arctic Terns make an incredible journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic twice each year.  Over their lifetime they cover a distance equivalent to three trips to the moon traveling further than any other creature in the world!  That is is 2.4 million miles during its lifetime which is an average of 30 years. Why is this fact so significant to me on this day of the full moon and creating a new reality?  It is because I have the chance now to create new patterns. Like the terns I share its stamina and endurance.  In the past, this endurance was the unhealthy flavor of,  “I will endure no matter how painful” and through courage and awaken to the longings and needs of my own heart, I have freed myself of that pattern.

In this new reality, I will enjoy learning about enduring through pleasure and knowledge instead of pain and suffering.  I will navigate to co-empowering relationships with self and others and when I find the spaces, places, people, animals, friends that will nourish this new reality I will go for it by speaking my truth and showing up fully.  I will fly the distance to the moon and back, again and again, to be true to myself and my heart.

Photo credit: Ib Aarmo via / CC BY-NC-ND

Further your reading on arctic terns:



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