Becoming HeartSong: Listening for a Name

Many of you have known me and my practice as Neave Animals.  My practice is now called HeartSong Communication.  This name change came about in April 2016 when things had shifted greatly in my life.  My marriage of 23 years was dissolving. I felt as if I was free falling and yet at the same time there was a quiet strength…for I had listened and honored my heart and it was leading with solid confidence.

Just a few days after we announced our separation to our kids and my husband had moved out of the house, I was walking with a wise friend who was holding space for me and my processing.  I was talking about my hopes and dreams for my animal communication practice and how the name Neave Animals did not resonate anymore since it was not just me and animals, instead it is a whole host of spiritual beings and guides as well as the natural world that collaborates with me during each session between a client and their animal companions.  I was lamenting about how Neave Animals was not the right name and wanting something more expansive, more descriptive, and yet I had been drawing a blank on what the new name was going to be.  My friend casually asked me, “Well have you asked your practice what its name is?”  That stopped me.  Why hadn’t I thought of that?  I talk to everything animals, trees, flowers. I understand everything has its own resonant energy and this knowledge is strengthened every time I  locate a  lost item within my house by just calling out to the item and listening for its response–maybe I am a part bat and using echolocation ;). So, of course, my practice would know what its name is.

Dropping into my center and putting my attention on being receptive and listening, I telepathically connected with my practice. I gave great thanks for all the assistance and collaboration over the years we had together under the name NeaveAnimals – I felt a flow of reciprocation in gratitude. I then simply asked, “What is the new name of my practice?  If we are not NeaveAnimals anymore who or what are we?”

I heard “HeartSong Communication”  true and clear.  I was honored.   There was no questioning, no hesitation, no doubting — just pure acceptance of this name. It defines the beautiful language of the heart where the animals communicate from and hold the space for us to meet them.

Since that walk, I have been questioning and gaining clarity about HeartSong Communication and how it can be of service to the world.  I am excited to share with you what HeartSong is all about.

HeartSong’s vision is to support embodiment and listening to the song of the heart the intuition. Celebrating the web of life and the interconnectedness of all by bringing awareness to the human body is a telepathic transmitting and receiving station communicating with all of life and beings including our beloved animal companions, plants, nature, spiritual and divine guidance.

HeartSong’s mission is to deepen the animal and human relationship through interspecies dialogue, healing, classes, and ceremony.

HeartSong’s purpose is open sacred space for interspecies dialogue wit the intention of clarity, alignment, healing, balance, and harmony.

HeartSong’s purpose is to be a voice for the animals by listening deeply and communicating their truth, observations, suggestions, desires, questions, concerns and……

HeartSong’s purpose is to be the human representative and voice for the spiritual resources and support available for each being in the conversation and bring awareness to all that is available for each person.

HeartSong’s purpose is support people in strengthening their innate intuitive abilities so they can communicate with their beloved animal companions.

I am full of gratitude for each and every opportunity I have to open sacred space and be part of the conversation with people and their animals.  Each animal is as different as each person and the wisdom and teachings they have to share with their humans blow my mind.  The common factor in each conversation is the strong foundation of love and deep heart connection that flows freely and strong between animal and human.  I am honored to be able to listen to the shared songs of the heart.

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