Animals As Teachers: Learning From The Bowerbird

On my daily walk with Prince, in my local wooded park with meandering trails, I was picking up trash.  Our destination on this walk is the hill to the throw the ball and we usually settle into our ball throwing routine. I throw the ball into the bushes, he storms up the hill retrieves the ball and then drops it down the hill.  I try to successfully nab it with my ball flicker as it rolls past (like that arcade game, Whack-a-Mole).  Then the dance begins again and I  throw the ball again into the bushes.  Today while he retrieved it, I chose to tidy and pick up trash.  Often, it is trash from decimated tennis balls or from a late night party.  Today, everything I was picking up was blue – blue bottle caps, blue bits of fluff, blue tape, blue plastic.  Finally, I took note asking myself, “What is up with the blue? Why a blue theme?”

Photo credit: djgr via VisualHunt / CC BY

Upon asking the question I heard “Bower Bird.”  And that jogged my memory of the stories my friend in Austraila told of finding a bowerbirds’ nest and the collection of blue items it uses to attract a mate.  At the time, my friend was working on the trails and was able to return to the nest and observe it.  She purposely moved things to see if the bird would notice and, indeed, the next day the item would be back in its original spot.  She also brought other items of different colors and added them to the blue collection.  The next day the non-blue item had been removed by the bird.

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Photo credit: Peter_Australis via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

These birds spend their days scavenging for blue bits and creating a beautiful mosaic out of the found objects all in an effort to attract a mate.  This led me to think about how I go about attracting what I want into my life and how this bird is a valuable teacher, particularly around this Solstice time. It is a great time for transformation and releasing anything that is not serving you. So, if my thoughts and actions are represented by the blue bits the bowerbird uses in his decoration to attract, then are my thoughts and actions in tune with what I want in my life? For example, I want harmony in my life – I imagine harmony to be this relaxing blue color. Does forgetting to eat lunch and then bottoming out at five really bring harmony to my life? Reflecting about the hangry dance that ensues after not eating, that action is not blue it is more an angry red and has desperate energy tied to it. Following the teaching from bower bird,  I should remove that old way of being from my nest for it is not attracting harmony — the energy and color do not work in the display to attract harmony.

Use the solstice energy to allow the heat of the sun to pour into all your cells and reflect out the parts that aren’t in alignment to what you want to be attracting. Then like the Bowerbird discard that which doesn’t match what you want and seek out the new ways of being, thoughts, things that will attract the ideal match.

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