What is Telepathy?

When asked “How do you communicate with animals?”  My response is “Telepathically.”  This answer is often met with a curious look and I realize more explanation is needed.  Today I am going to explore  “What is Telepathy?” as well as “How is telepathy used to communicate with animals?”

What is Telepathy?

  • Telepathy is full body communication.  It is opening the heart, being present and receptive.
  • Telepathy flows, it is the language of the Universe.
  • Telepathy is feeling across a distance and is the underlying current behind verbal communication.
  • Telepathy is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.
  • Telepathy is the process of getting knowledge and understanding through other means rather than thinking or learning or using the five senses.

How is telepathy used to communicate with animals?

To communicate telepathically is returning to your innate intuitive abilities, returning to a state of being that we all have experienced as children pre-verbally. It is a state of BEING rather than thinking or doing. I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and animals are spiritual beings having an animal experience. As children, we understood this and could see animals as beings full of love and generosity. We spoke the same language, reading energy, intention, emotion and trusting our intuition, trusting our bodies and communicating telepathically. Once we learned to communicate verbally we were pulled further away from trusting, listening and communicating with our whole bodies. We have pulled away from the animals and our telepathic ability.

To get back into conversation with the animals we must learn about being receptive by expanding our awareness on all levels – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally to listen with our hearts. The best way to strengthen your telepathic muscles is thru acknowledging your body for its ability whenever you receive, hear, sense, or imagine a communication or an intuitional “hit”. For example, when you have been thinking about someone for days and then they call – that is telepathic communication. If this happens, take a moment to acknowledge your body for sending you a message. This encourages accepting your own ability to communicate telepathically and honors your connection to self. As we listen to our own hearts and realize our bodies are sending and receiving telepathic stations we strengthen our telepathic muscle allowing us to step into conversation with all of life including the animals.

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