Animals as Teachers: Visualizing Changes

At the Animal Communication Basics class in Durango, Colorado, we discussed the different ways of visualizing changes in animal companion behavior. We explored the many lines of communication that we are constantly receiving from our animals and constantly sending to our animals – though in both cases, we may not be aware of it.

One of the lines of communication is through Emotion.  You and your beloved animal companion are sending and receiving each other’s feelings and emotions.  You may sense their dismay when you sit down to watch TV instead of going for a walk with them. You may be sending emotions unconsciously which could mean that behavioral challenges might be arising. Take for example you want to walk on the bike path but you are afraid of your dog chasing the bikes (which he has in the past and it did not go well). Over time, you have a created a considerable amount of fear tied up with this exercise. Now, when you walk on the path you are emanating fear and it is tied to the picture of a bike.  Your dog receives this message and understands that you are afraid of bikes and they become the enemy.  He sees a bike and chases it to try to chase away the fear that you hold and you become even more fearful.  Now, it is a catch twenty-two.  

Since you have been stuck in a fear cycle around the bike, there needs to be a big energetic shift within you. It starts by beginning to send them a picture of what you do want when a bike goes by.  Thoughts get switched into pictures so don’t worry about sketching out what you want, instead imagine watching the scenario you want to play out like a film.  For example, you are both walking on the path with the leash loosely held and a bike is approaching.  The two of you notice the bike, while the leash is still loose, your body is calm, and he is calm.  As the bike approaches, you both are still calmly walking, stopping to smell the bushes or take a pee, etc.  Then, the bike passes you as you two are still walking, disinterested in the presence of the bike and biker, with the leash loose between you.  When the bike passes, you praise him and let you know how you like walking on the path with him when all is calm.  He will feel your calm presence and enjoy walking.

Often during my class or animal communication sessions when I can sense that there is a behavioral challenge, I will invite you to reflect upon what emotion you may be sending out that may trigger this response and then start imagining what you do want instead. Sending images of how you want the situation to go is far more effective and allows you to start rewriting the movie.

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