Going on Vacation? Some guidance to make it easier on your animals…

Summer is full of vacations and trips that often do not include the animals – which is sometimes great for us but not for them.

To make this easier, the animals have simple requests. Some of them I’ve listed below to help you and your animals have a better time apart:

  • Before you leave, share with them how long you will be gone in using the number of meals instead of days.
  • Let them know why they are not going simply stating the facts such as “It is a long airplane ride.” or “We will be river rafting and it is not a great environment for cats.”
  • When trying to decide on a care taker for them, let them meet the person and listen with your heart, watch the body language, and trust your gut if this person is a good fit for them.
  • Talk out loud to your animals and let them know the schedule of when the caretaker will be visiting, etc.
  • When you are gone check in with them every day. Create a routine where each morning and evening you send them love and let them know about your day.
  • The animals want you to know that when you are on vacation and you suddenly think of them, that is them reaching out to you – like a ping and they’d appreciate a love ping back.
  • Tell them what you are doing at the moment either out loud or imagine having a conversation with them in your mind.

Enjoy your vacation and connecting with your animals long distance. Everyone will be happier upon your return!

Photo credit: Au Kirk via Visualhunt / CC BY



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