An Invitation from Mother Nature

In the middle of August, I made an agreement with Mother Nature and Great Spirit that I would share daily messages I receive from animals and nature to help get the word out about the interconnection of all of life – people, earth, animals, water, spirit. I receive most of the messages while walking and I post the messages on Instagram and Facebook. The messengers share their wisdom, compassion, and love with us.

Today while walking with ash falling from the sky from wild fires I was pondering, “How much more can we take?” There is so much going on in the world today with the natural disasters, the political strife, the talk of nuclear arms (just to name a few). Then, couple this with the full moon and mercury finally out of retrograde and it feels as if we are all in a pressure cooker, that has an extra helping of fear mixed in with everything else, and it is going to explode.

Then I heard Mother Nature extend an invitation to each and every one of us to come out into nature, in which every way feels comfortable to you and feel the earth under your feet.  Stop, breathe in, listen, look, drink in nature.

She also invites to set your intentions for the day or the moment to assist you in orienting to the truth within not the external noise. I did this yesterday as my head was swimming from paint fumes, smoke inhalation, Trump’s crazy ways, and influence of the full moon. I felt disoriented and downtrodden.  I went down to the beach and walked while praying and talking to Mother Earth and Spirit. When I put my feet in the water and set my intentions speaking them aloud and I also released that which no longer served me and stood in my way.  I left feeling invigorated, hopefully, and renewed. 

I advise you accept Mother Natures invitation she knows how to attend to her guests. Let her healing qualities reset you.  For she wisely counsels:

“When you are out in nature you can get in touch with your own true nature.”

Feet in the water, toes in the sand – grounded listening to Mother Nature

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