Group Animal Experiences: Learning from the animals

IMG_4142In November I lead my first Animal Experiences.  It was two separate  Salmon Experiences with spawning salmon at Piper Creek in Carkeek Park.  I guided participants how to tune into their own innate intuitive abilities and listen for guidance from the salmon around a  certain question or their intention.  On both days all of the participants were able to receive wisdom from the salmon even when the amount of salmon present and the height of the creek was wildly different. One day the creek was running clear and slow teeming with salmon and the other running high, fast and very murky with a few struggling salmon navigating their way upstream past many dead salmon,.   

The salmon’s  teachings and wisdom as well as how the messages were heard/received either as a thought, a feeling, a knowingness, an image or hearing words, was different for each person because we all receive messages in our own unique way. 

 Upcoming Animal Experiences 

I have mapped out more experiences with wild animals for the next couple of months.  I invite you to join me to play outside and learn from the animals. Nature is the gym to strengthen your intuitive muscle and learn how to be open and receptive to receiving messages. And besides, it’s good clean fun.   I have tentative dates and meeting locations which may change based on migration patterns and where the animals are showing up.  

Eagles experience – Rescheduled to January 13 –   Skagit River or Nooksack River 

Eagles offer wonderful insights in trusting in spirit and learning to see the big picture and the interconnection in your life, and much more.


 Snow Geese – Trumpeter Swan Experience – February 10 –    Fir Island, Wylie Slough La Conner

These two birds have many teachings.  One of the teachings of the Swan is that we all have inner grace and beauty, and this teaches us self-esteem.  And the Snow Goose epitomizes the mystery of migration and our own inner quests.   

 On the list for future field trips are Sandhill Cranes, Gray Whale Migration,  Orcas migration and  Heron Rookery.

I am excited to offer these experiences and I enjoy the willingness of people to show up in the pouring rain to hear from the animals.   If you know of other migrations not to be missed in Washington, let me know and I will plan a field trip.

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