2018 Message from the Animals

On my walk this morning I asked the animal world for a message about how humans can navigate 2018 in a beautiful way and what we can do to support the balance of the animal world.

I felt the spirit world all around and was open to any messages.  As I approached the point in my walk with an expansive view from the Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains the messenger was waiting in the form of a mature eagle perched on a tree jutting out from the cliff.

After some chit-chat and introductions, the eagle dove into his message

He started out emphasizing

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 1.23.07 PM
Photo by marneejill on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA

“Everything is Energy.  People need to awaken to where they are putting their energy and how it affects their lives, their community, the world.  

Awaken to your place on the web of life.  

Accept who you are, acknowledge your gifts and start showing up in your fullness. 

Feed the web of life.”



He observed:

Humans spend a lot of energy being something they are not by trying to fit into places and spaces and ways of being that shut down access to their own true nature.

He reminds:

Access to your own true nature is always available it simply takes listening to your heart, listening to your intuition, listening to your body.  Your body is receiving information all the time and much is missed because humans are too mind oriented.

He invites:

Allow your true nature, your deep listening to guide you into acceptance of who you truly are.  Accepting who you truly are will help move stuck energy because when there is resistance or suppression energy gets stuck and flow does not happen.  Changes may have to be made to stay in the flow, to stay engaged in life, to awaken to you.  Be courageous – release what needs to be released.

He predicts:

The web of life will be fed with a whole new source of energy from people who are awake and aware of their place in the world.  Listen with your heart and your whole body and make changes that will allow your gifts to easily to unfold. As these gifts unfold you can start to show up  more fully, which will bring balance back to your individual life, and that balance will ripple out to bring balance back to the whole web of life.

And as he prepared to fly off his last message was:

‘To fly, one has to step off the branch and trust you will soar.”

Then he stepped off the branch and dove into the abyss and I could hear him say,

“Boom! Message delivered.”




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