16,000 Crow Teachers

For the past 4 months, animals in the wild have been teachers for individuals who join me in Animal Experiences.  The intention of these experiences is to be in close proximity to wild animals and learn to be open and receptive to the teaching of the animals.    These animal experiences grew out of my deep longing to go to Africa and be amongst the wild animals.  I long to be in physical proximity to them – to hear their breath, to stand on the same quadrant of earth they are on, to feel the earth vibration as they thunder, or lumber or sneak by and to be open to their teachings.  This longing had me putting my energy outward and there was a feeling of lack and a  bit of Eeyore “Ho hum – not in Africa”  Then  I realized the wild animals all around me in this urban setting of Seattle have plenty to teach. They may not be the big cats or the mighty elephants but they are the NorthWest animals that are sharing this region of the world with me.

In November the spawning salmon taught about resting and allowing the energy to carry you forward.  In February the snow geese taught us about how the individual supports the group and the group supports the individual, both are necessary to thrive.

The Crow Experience on Sunday took us to the North Creek Wetlands at UW Campus in Bothell.  We arrived before dusk and wandered the wetlands to be serenaded by frogs and watched geese and ducks land on the pond.  With each new arrival, there was a loud discussion of honking and quacking.  This gave us the opportunity to play with where in our bodies did we feel the loud goose discussion and to be open to what they were communicating and we did the same thing with the frogs.  It was interesting to notice the difference the geese energy was more chest and throat and felt very much like a  logistical discussion whereas the frogs we felt in the lower torso and it was more of a serenade to the dusk and farewell to the day.

As dusk darkened the sky was filled with a cacophony of crow calls as crows started coming from all directions.  Crows are teachers of developing your willpower and speaking your truth. This was clearly taught in how they flew in all different directions and talked loudly with each other. They are not like a synchronized murmuration of starlings that undulates and flows. This was more of a very individual interactive dance.

They are also teachers of intention and this was illustrated as one person exclaimed: “I always get shit on by birds.”  And sure enough right on cue …….after she declared this her right shoulder received a big splattering gift.  Reinforcing that literally, energy flows were intention and attention goes.

It has been three days since I witness this mysterious and magical dance and I can still hear the calls and feel the strength of the individual within the flock.  The connection to self-has been strengthened by 16,000 crows coming into roost.




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