Creating Health Boundaries

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11.22.09 AMI have been quiet for the month of April, taking a break from posting on social media.  I chose to really listen deeply to my own heart and strengthen the muscle of tuning to my vibration and to keep the focus on my dream and how I can contribute to the greater good.  It has been an interesting month of lessons through many reflections from my guides.  The thing about my guides is they know me well such as I love games, am a big fan of scavenger hunts, and I love to receive messages while out in the natural world.



This morning  I set out on my walk with asking my guides for a reflection of where my growing edge was for today. 

As I enjoyed my walk through the kaleidoscope of green in the explosion of spring in the forest, I was full of gratitude for this particular bit of earth that I have walked on for over 25 years.  Each season brings wonder and delight to me and my senses.

Since I live in Seattle, with a population of roughly around 760,000 these parcels of wilderness are a blessing. The parks department are always trying to find the balance between people, dogs, and respecting nature.  Currently, these trails are frequented by many people who walk their dogs off-leash instead of taking them into the corraled official dog park.  The City has been doing a great job of replanting a much-eroded hill by many dogs running up and down it chasing balls and each other.  Recently, they put up a fence to keep the dogs on the paths for us who choose to still walk the dogs off the leash.

As I crested the rise to where the fence begins, to my dismay, it was partially knocked down and there was a friend inspecting the damage.  As he left muttering about rude dog people who don’t respect the great effort of the city,  my heart hurt a little.  This fence had created a rift in the community that would meet in the mornings in the unofficial dog park where dogs run with wild abandon as we walk together and witness each others’ lives.  I did not think it was afternoon dog people who had knocked down the fence – on further inspection the weight of the fence had snapped the last pole and down came the rest.  Luckily only one pole had broken and low and behold there was a pole tamper lying under the down fence.

I was at a choice point here. Do I…:

  • Walk on by and let someone else fix this – trying to point blame and deepen the rift?  Feeding the negative energy?
  • Or contribute to the effort of a healthy boundary to help weave the web of balance between nature, people, and animals.  Then I burst out laughing HERE WAS THE MESSAGE FROM MY GUIDES and they even left me a tool to do the work.

So I jumped right in and started pulling up the heavy fence and using the tamping tool to drive the poles in.  After struggling with the first two poles, I understood the problem of why the fence came down.  The poles had only been driven into freshly distributed woody mulch – which was not a very stable foundation for the fence.  To make a difference, the poles need to reach the solid earth underneath.  After struggling with the first two poles and having 5 more to go,  I started praying and letting nature and my guides know I needed help in human form to help hold up the fence as I worked.   I was going to go see if I could find someone down the path.  The dogs and I set off to find able bodies and of course I saw two of the regular morning walkers.

We set to work and as a team of three women, we worked pole by pole –  unbinding the fence from the pole then driving the poles deeper into the earth so they were solidly held.  Then we stretched the fence to the next downed pole and repeated the process.  Lucky for us, there was an extra pole laying around to replace the snapped pole.  I asked the tree that the last pole was very close to where the best location for the pole would be to avoid damaging its root and the place we were directed to the pole went in smoothly and held securely – thank you, tree.

We had replaced the fence back to its full glory – setting a healthy boundary for dogs and people and I had a great reflection in response to my request from my guides of where was my growing edge for today.

Healthy boundaries with a strong foundation and asking for help from people.

Each of us has a whole spiritual team and guides who are willing to give us guidance and reflections if you ask – I find it adds a great deal of fun to life.  I encourage you to start asking questions and be open to reflections and answers in the most unexpected ways!

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