Balancing the Light Ceremony

Saturday, December 17 from 11am to 2pm  Serenity Equine Rescue in Maple Valley

We are entering the darkest days of the year. The sun is down by dinner time, and even at noon the shadows are long and slanting. Holiday preparations are in full swing, and our minds swirl with plans for gifts, meals, treats, crafts, decorations, travel, cleaning. When we look out into the natural world, we see the opposite of this constant, harried motion. The earth is growing quiet. The plants and animals are storing away food for the cold months or preparing to sink into dormancy.  It can be a challenging finding the balance of honoring the body’s desire to turn inward – slow down as well as honoring social engagements, todo list,  etc.  

This Balance and Inner Joy Clinic honors the natural world’s seasonal desire to go inward to find our own joy, our own source and balance. Once we have connected with our inner joy and are balanced we will be in community and ceremony with horses seeking their guidance, wisdom and reflections on how to stay in this joyful and balanced place within. This is an opportunity to be validated, acknowledged and witnessed by compassionate healer horses allowing you to experience a level of healing that is deeply and profoundly


During this Balance and Inner Joy Clinic you will gain awareness of the felt sense of balance and inner joy within your body and tools to strengthen the connection and learn to recognize what limiting beliefs, thoughts or actions disconnect you from self.




The sacred space will be opened; the horses will be ready.

Join us to find your inner joy and balance

December 17  – 11am – 2pm at

Serenity Equine Rescue in Maple Valley

$100  – Limited to 10 participants

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Testimonial from Kreed Revere, a participant of the Grief Ceremony held at Serenity Oct. 2016.

“How does one express immense gratitude for a moment in time that made time stand still and the heart begin to calm and experience rest?

Your welcome greeting and hug this morning assured my fragile vulnerabilities were not only welcomed but also safe. It has been quite sometime since I’ve known that. Thank you.

Zoe and Annie will be forever etched in my heart. Standing still and allowing while crying and feeling that I was welcomed into their herd was felt inside and out of my body. There are no words to describe how I felt as those gentle giants spoke to me, coming directly to me and simply allowing their medicine to heal my heart. “

About Neave and Ceremonies with the horses

I am excited to be  partnering with the horses at Serenity Equine Rescue  as Horse as Healers to offer workshops, ceremonies and individual sessions that focus on healing and experiential horse guided learning activities within a safe environment.

Why does ceremony with Horses work?

Horses use their extraordinary non-verbal communication skills to help people better understand themselves and how they relate to the world. As healers, the horses’ instinct and intuition help them act as mirrors. Often, they reflect the subconscious emotional energy running under the surface that makes the horse uncomfortable. Given the horse’s desire to trust a herd mate with an accurate reflection of their environment, the horse as healer is looking for the person to become aware of that tension and resolve it. For example, a reflection may be as simple as the horse putting its nose right over the client’s heart and breathing out deeply. Simply acknowledging the suppressed emotion calms the horse. In short, horses relax around beings they can trust–in this case an emotionally congruent person who is aware of the emotions they are feeling at the moment they are feeling them.  They help us see deeper into ourselves and are comfortable  around people working doing deep emotional work.

Since 2006 I have been an animal communicator, healer, Reiki practitioner and ceremonialist.  My work involves opening of sacred space for interspecies dialogue, ceremony, classes and healing allowing clients to deepen their relationships with self, animals and the natural world.  As a ceremonialist I have participated in numerous ceremonies over the years as well as been a leader of many ceremonies.  I am  an experienced Sweat Lodge Leader, team member of a healing team using animal, plant and stone medicines as well as participated in Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors ceremonies. For 10 years I have participated in a monthly class for “Understanding Personal Energy” increasing my awareness, capacity and competency in holding sacred space for transformation.  I am calm and have a grounded presence and hold a safe sacred space for people and animals alike to explore new ways of being.