Neave (10 of 35)HeartSong Communication was created with the intention of helping to deepen the animal and human relationship through interspecies dialogue and energy healing.  Its goal is  also to help bridge the gap between animals and the people who share their journey so that they can have a deeper understanding of one another and live fuller and more harmonious lives.  As an animal communicator and healer, I offer communication and energy work to all types of animals all over the world.  Since 2007, I have spoken with cats in Germany, dogs in Colorado and horses in Washington all from my home in Seattle.

My job as a communicator is to facilitate a conversation between animals and their people, giving a voice to the animal’s  messages as accurately as possible.  The communication occurs telepathically through a heart-to-heart connection that is not affected by time,  space or proximity.  The animal’s response comes to me in a variety of ways such as thoughts, physical body feelings, emotions, pictures or words.  For example, when I ask a cat how it feels physically I may feel a physical tightness in my chest, I may get a feeling of overwhelming sadness and grief, or the cat might yell at me that “EVERYTHING HURTS!”  I then convey the feelings, pictures or words to the person involved and like any conversation with a dear friend the rest evolves organically.

Animals are masters at reading energy and they have a deep understanding of what is going on energetically within the family dynamic much like a herd of horses or a pack of wolves.  They spend their lives in our worlds observing and responding to the energy, often taking on jobs within the family to keep the energy flowing: absorbing emotions of their people or acting out to get stuck energy moving, for example.  Engaging in a conversation with an animal opens up a whole new world as they finally get a chance to voice things as they see them and share their view or understanding of the family structure.

Also, like the animals, I grew up reading energy and learning to understand what is going on behind what was actually presenting .  As an energy worker, during the conversation I am following the energy and can feel where the energy gets stuck.  Throughout the conversation I may  offer a variety of healing modalities  with the focus of clarity around your questions, balance, harmony, health and a deeper understanding of each other.   I have a vast toolkit to draw from which includes Reiki, trauma clearing work, cleaning out stuck energy, setting energetic boundaries, engaging Spiritual resources for the animal and their people and much, much  more.   

To enter into a conversation to curiously explore what is going on with your animal  and for  them to be heard and have a say is sometimes all it takes to solve a behavioral issue or explain why they do the things they do.   Our animals play such a unique and special role in our lives, and I am honored to be part of the sacred conversation to communicate what is alive for each animal so that you can have a deeper understanding of one another and live fuller and more harmonious lives.  

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