“When I mentioned to Neave that my corgi has limped on and off since he was a puppy and that no vet had yet found anything wrong, she held a hand over his shoulders and said she felt ‘something there that shouldn’t be.’ Neave asked simply ‘may I remove it?’ I had no idea that my ‘of course’ answer would alleviate the chronic limp my dog had suffered with for years so significantly. My dog went from limping for one to two days, once or twice per month for no obvious reason to limping for one to two days, only twice in the eighteen months since Neave hovered her hand above his shoulders. It was nothing short of a miracle that vet after vet, therapist after therapist, could not do for my corgi what Neave’s shamanic healing did. Both my dog and I will be forever grateful and forever fans on Neave’s amazing gifts as a healer.” – Bethany and Brychwyn, West Seattle


“Neave’s ability to connect with our animals (and us) is amazing. She has helped us (we have five animals) through some major family challenges as well as our little Aly’s chronic illness so we could better understand where they are coming from, what they need, and helped them understand why we are doing certain things…giving all of us acceptance and peace. I highly recommend her to you and have even referred her to others.”

 Mel DePaoli – Seattle

Boone, Missy and Sandy
“Our three dogs need plenty of help and I am so glad that you are able to help us navigate that endeavor.    You have helped us realize that each of our dogs has his/her own special need.  Boone is a hound dog who is frightened of everyone he encounters on his walk.  Last session he let us know that his preference is to walk as a family.  His message was clear – it helps him feel more confident when he is walking as a pack.  And he loves it when both humans join in the walk.

Our Missy is having a reoccurring redness on her muzzle.    Last time we spoke, you helped her with a trauma session.  Initially she told us ( through you) that she was digging, digging, digging.  It became clear that she was remembering her puppyhood when she and her litter mate,Sandy were always digging and looking for food or food scraps.   It made her mad to think about how scary it was to not know where there next meal would come from.  As she was digging in her trauma work, you consoled her and reminded her that in her new home with us she would never have to worry about going hungry.  At the end of the session with her she said “ now, why was I digging?”   It was incredible !  You helped her work through that agony.

Thank you for everything you do for us Neave.  I felt more connected with these trauma babies after our last session.  It helped me remember that they are always talking to us.  We just need to listen.  With your help, we are trying to do just that!”

Betsey – Georgia

Midnight and Menard


“I want to thank you so much for your session a few weeks ago. Immediately after the session I went home and picked up Midnight and held him. He stayed in my arms for minutes, which is the first time he’s done that ever (after years of trying).

Also, immediately after the session he started using the litter box after almost $2000 in vet bills and pet behavior techniques. I’m glad to say there are no accidents to date. Also, only one minor cat fight in the weeks since we talked. Normally there were 1-2 fights daily.

You spoke with my mom about Jack and Spook, as well to my friend Monica about Roscoe last week. They’re both seeing improved relationships with their animals.

You truly have a great gift!”  – Beth Johnson, Seattle

Mason, Eos, Shea, Simon and Mist

“I have known and worked with Neave for 3 years.  I could write chapters about her communication skills with both animals and humans, her quiet compassion and non-judgment (toward both animals and humans), her recognition and honoring of each life as precious and sacred, her profound wisdom and her ability to empower through understanding – animal to human and human to animal.

Neave replaced confusion and overwhelm with understanding and cooperation in a three dog family of territorial, protective and aggressive mid-size dogs; she helped the dogs and I cope with their decline due to age and to plan their transitions with each of them – all without fear or uncertainty or regret.  She has also helped me and my gentle, old soul, dignified tabby ease a scared, lonely and aggressive female companion into her new forever home.  Now, we just do checkups to make sure I’m being the best provider/partner/parent possible.

Since our animal partners have become more family than pets, I encourage my friends to suspend doubt and risk a richer, more interactive and meaningful relationship with their partners by deepening the connection through communication.

Thank you, Neave, for making my life and those of my Beloveds more fun, more loving and more rewarding than we could have imagined.

Shea L.


Thomas, the cat

“When our cat Thomas stopped eating and was feeling warm it was a great help to have you at hand, Neave. THANK YOU for helping us learn from Thomas what he was experiencing so that we could find effective help.

When you told us he believed it would pass, it helped us hold up against the vet who was putting enormous pressure on us to hospitalize him (which Thomas did not want at all). It also helped us reduce the number of visits to the vet which stressed him out and did little good.

We will never forget how you worked with our integrated massage therapist to help him heal Thomas through his own techniques. He used intuition, but you communicated directly with Thomas and together you got him back on his feet in no time. It was miraculous to witness you, the body worker and Thomas all working in unison.

We learned a lot about trusting the information you give us. You kept getting the message it would pass but we still struggled a lot about what to do until we saw the results you had told us would come.

Thanks once more,” Sam Hranc and Cheryl  Kordick- Seattle


Z and VScout and Skye, Horses

“Thank you so much for last week’s animal communication.  I could see in the horses joy, later that afternoon as they ran about their pasture for what seems the sheer fun of it.  I gave Scout an extra blanket and her whole being looked to me as if it glowed.  They have been turned out together since we spoke and have not had any issues with one another.  I rubbed Scout down that day and she yawned and shook her neck many times as I hit the “spot.”  Thank you,”  Velda Thomas – Chimacum, WA

Indie, the explorer cat

“When I am dealing with metaphysical concerns, I expect to be able to verify the information.  Just a few minutes into our consultation with Indie, my cat, I had the confirmation I was seeking.  Neave said that she heard Indie’s voice.  When she began speaking for him, I could hear his voice through Neave’s.  The words, the phrases, the observations were exactly what I had expected if Indie could speak.

Because he had not eaten in five days, I had taken Indie to the vet.  A physical exam and extensive blood tests failed to find any type of condition or infection.  After dealing with some of his issues, I asked what Indie would eat.  The immediate answer was,” TUNA.”  That was followed by things that would be “pure tasting, something like yogurt.”  I mentioned that I did have some unflavored yogurt, would that be alright?  Indie’s response was, “Yogurt comes in flavors?………TUNA-yogurt! TUNA-yogurt!”

Well, the yogurt didn’t pass muster, but the tuna and more natural canned pet food did.  Within two days, he was living up to his namesake, the explorer, Indiana Jones.”

Lucy – Seattle, WA



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